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What You Can Do last updated 18 May 2002
Stay Informed and Be Active in Marine Conservation and Management Issues

From time to time it can be very helpful to write a letter of support to the Minister of Conservation or the Minister of Fisheries, urging them to protect marine mammals.

Right now, the Minister of Fisheries (Pete Hodgson) and Minister of Conservation (Sandra Lee) are considering how to manage the critically endangered Hector’s dolphin population off the west coast of the North Island.

Please write a letter, urging them to protect Hector's dolphins between Maunganui Bluff (just north of Dargaville) and New Plymouth, by banning the use of gillnets and trawling to 4 nautical miles (about 8 km) offshore. Don't forget to mention that you want the harbours (Kaipara, Manukau, Raglan, Kawhia, Aotea and Port Waikato) to be included in the protected area.

For more information, on the North Island Hector's dolphin click here. For information on current marine mammal conservation issues click here.

Email your letters to:

or Post your letters to: Minister of Conservation / Minister of Fisheries
Parliament Buildings
(No stamp required!)
Donate Money to the Trust

You can donate towards research and conservation work through the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust. All donations great and small count! The New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust is a registered charitable Trust, donations of more than NZ$ 5 are tax deductible (IRD no. 61286969). To make a donation you can choose from the following payment options;

  • Send a cheque to the Trust at the address below
  • Make a cash advance to our Trust account (see details below)
  • Contact our lawyer, Garth Lucas to set up a bequest in your will
  • Email, write or phone to personally discuss your donation with us.

We appreciate your support!

For donations, media and press enquiries, and information about our adoption schemes, campaigns or projects please contact us at the following address;

New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust
c/- Department of Marine Sciences
University of Otago
PO Box 56
New Zealand

Tel: +64-3-479 7980
Fax: +64-3-479 8336

Account Details

Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
Branch: Dunedin
Account no.: 020912-022903500